The HAHRTs Images Experience

is a Journey. A Pleasant Journey. A Happy Journey. It is a Journey of Moments. It is a Journey of Forever. It is a Journey that is fueled by Love, Respect, Compassion & Kindness towards Mankind.

The HIE Road encompasses:

HAHRTs Images

Portrait & Event Photography


A nod to Breast Cancer Awareness


Flowers that Never wilt.


Love is the Answer



Constant  Positive  Influence


Make a habit of Love

All HAHRTs Images Pictures are available as Metal Plaques, Metallic Plates or regular prints in a variety of sizes & finishes.

When ordering a Photoplax™ select the size you want in metallic, click "CONTINUE" and then click the "ADD FRAMES & MORE" button and choose "2mm Styrene®" White from the "MOUNTING" tab.

For information and customization

contact us at:


The HAHRTs Images Experience - Take The HIE Road

No ordinary pictures

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